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How to start with Junos SDK?

‎03-11-2010 01:04 PM

How can I start with Junos SDK from scratch?


Junos Developer

Re: How to start with Junos SDK?

‎03-11-2010 01:15 PM

Here are the steps to start with Junos SDK.


1. Get Documentation


Download Junos SDK User Documentation from the download page.

Unpack the package and take a look at the installation guide (.pdf).


2. Get Software


Download VBE (Virtual Building Environment), which is the "operating system" link in the download page.

Download VMWare Player.

Unpack the VBE package and run it with VMWare Player.

Follow the installation guide to setup the VBE.


3. Generate Certificate Request


Follow the instructions in installation guilde to generate certificate request with the given name.


4. Add Certificate


Put certificate into /usr/local/junos/certs directory.


5. Build Sample Application Sandbox


Follow the instructions in installation guide to build sandbox with some sample application.

And build application package.


6. Configure Router


Provider infomation needs to be configured on the router to allow SDK application to run.


7. Install Application


Upload application package to the router and install it.

With some application configuration, you should see it working.