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‎12-06-2011 07:09 AM

The vision for our partner organization is centered on what we call Innovative Partnering, and a key component to this vision is our Partner Engines. These engines are designed with one purpose in mind… to help you capture the opportunities being created by the new network.


One of our key Partner Engines focuses on communications, and specifically, how we can foster an honest and open two-way dialog with you around our partnership.


To that end, I’m happy to announce our presence on some of the world’s most popular social networks:

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We want to streamline the flow of information to you; delivering what you want, when and how you want it.


We want to keep our finger on the pulse of our partnership, and build engagement with you so we can anticipate changes in the market and adjust course as needed.


We want to stimulate innovation and foster a productive dialogue around how we can grow our businesses together.


So take a moment and engage with us through social media! Share your thoughts. Tell us where we need to improve and how.


  • How can we help build a stronger, more innovative partnership with you?
  • How can we help you capture the exciting opportunities on the horizon being created by the new network?
  • Let us know what’s going on in your business, and what’s top of mind for you today.